What our Customers say...

Storm Damage Testimonials

I have a storage room filled with inventory for my candle making business and when I saw stormwater seeping through the window I thought I was in deep trouble.  Then your crew arrived and helped me toss a few things, protect those that weren’t damaged yet and cleanup the whole space.  It’s now better than ever and my loss was minimal.

Our little pool house suffered a lot during a huge storm and we thought it was beyond repair.  Your team came in and helped us replace some drywall and determine whether the damage was too extensive and to our surprise we were able to save it all!  Thank you, SERVPRO.

The storm brought sludge into our front room and made a huge mess.  I didn’t know how to make sure there wasn’t any residue under our floors so I called SERVPRO for help.  They brought in special equipment and explained the process to us while they cleaned and dried the room.  I am very impressed by their quality.

Heavy rain soaked our garage and all our sports equipment, boxes, decorations. I knew I had to sort through the mess but wasn’t sure of how to do it.  A friend recommended reaching out to you and thank God she did.  Cleanup was quick and thorough.

We only go into the attic every few months, so I never thought storms might have made their way in.  When I saw the damage I didn’t even know where to start.  Thankfully, your SERVPRO technicians knew EXACTLY what to do and had the attic cleaned up in no time at all. Most importantly, they helped us save some of our family’s pictures and mementos.

I never thought my home would suffer so much during a storm, but a mystery leak let water into our living room, soaking everything in its way.  Your team not only dried my house, but they also helped me repair some of the drywall and discard of the carpet.  SERVPRO really was a one-stop-shop for us.