What our Customers say...

Fire Damage Testimonials

Entrusting your home to a group of strangers is not easy, but the crew SERVPRO dispatched to my home put me at ease right away.  They explained each step and told me what to expect.  Thank you for being transparent in what you do.

I work from home and sometimes use a space heater for my home office.  Unfortunately it shorted out and caused a fire.  Although it was a minor incident, there was a lot of soot and ashes throughout my home.  The SERVPRO team did an excellent job of cleaning it up while protecting my wood furniture.

The tenants next door were fond of burning incense and smoking and the smell seemed to travel through the walls into our unit.  As soon as they moved out I called SERVPRO (a friend had recommended them) and they immediately used all sorts of equipment to help me get rid of the smells in my home.  I now walk into a clean-smelling home and it makes a big difference.

My husband and kids got a little too excited with fireworks over the holidays and my beautiful sunroom suffered the consequences.  As much as they tried to clean it themselves, they did not succeed.  Rather than face my wrath, they called SERVPRO for professional assistance and it was the best decision they had made in a long time.  We are now back to being a family in harmony (most of the time), LOL!

You guys literally saved me.  When a scented candle lit the curtains on fire and the smoke spread through the house, I thought my parents were going to kill me.  Then we called you and everything was back in order in no time at all.  Thank you!!!!!

I care for my elderly parents and when they had a kitchen fire I was scrambling for the best restoration team.  Someone recommended SERVPRO and it is the best call I ever made.  They were helpful and understanding of the situation, which gave me great peace of mind.