What our Customers say...

Commercial Testimonials

SERVPRO, thank you! I couldn’t believe what I saw when the wood floors in my dance studio were soaking wet, they literally made me cry.  You literally came in and saved the day with your drying equipment.  I can’t thank you enough!

I offer beauty services in a small space and the unit next to mine had a small fire.  Although he flames didn’t hurt me, the smell was hard to ignore. SERVPRO came in with a bunch of different machines and now my space is back to smelling great.  You guys were absolute game-changers.

My wife and I run a small side business making cupcakes.  Our kitchen flooded and we thought we would have to stop production for weeks while we replaced cabinets AND find a way to pay for them.  We called your team at SERVPRO as a last resource and not only did they help us save the cabinets, they also did it quickly so we only had to stop a few days.  Thank you!

Our boutique carries beautiful paper products and when a leak left everything wet and humid I was worried I would lose my inventory.  I made use of SERVPRO’s 24 hour line and they were in there right away.  They carefully dried everything and returned moisture in the air to its normal levels.  When all was said and done, I didn’t lose anything.  I highly recommend their services.

My partner and I run a small residential cleaning service so we thought we could clean our small storefront after a fire broke out.  We quickly found out that we were out of our league.  I had heard of SERVPRO before and decided to give them a call.  They came in and applied products specific to restoration (as opposed to my cleaning products) and had our shop ready to rock.

I own a few delivery trucks and we transport merchandise locally.  Our office flooded one day and I was really worried about the files we keep on our clients and deliveries.  Thankfully SERVPRO technicians came in and managed to clean everything up before the damage was too extensive.