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duct leading to attic from device, washing machine closeby

Water Remediation in Livermore

The Photo illustrates Why SERVPRO is the water damage restoration company of choice in Livermore. Our team erected positive, heated air pressure to dry out an attic space to prevent a mold infestation. Skill and advanced equipment do it.

dehu and a collection bucket in a lobby

Livermore Business Center Water Removal

The leaking pipe soaked this commercial-grade carpet in a Livermore lobby. SERVPRO's goal is to quickly set up the drying equipment and remove the excess humidity once the carpet has been vacuumed. This was done after hours, the center opened as usual.

visible demo, studs and ceiling joist, view of kitchen

Livermore Floodwater Damage

The Photo shows this Livermore home after a controlled demolition from our SERVPRO ASD applied structural drying techs. Non-salvageable ceiling and wallboards have been removed for drying and rehab. Several air movers are completing the removal of excess moisture.

charred room, boarded up sliders, black walls

House Fire Security in Livermore

This Livermore structure was ravaged by a fire requiring a board-up to secure the interior. SERVPRO techs can start the demolition and removal of charred, non-savable materials and contents. There are safety risks, and a professional outfit should do this job.

wet, water on carpet, trash bag close by

Livermore Water Remediation

The water leak from the bathroom spilled water onto the carpet in the living room off of the kitchen in this Livermore home. SERVPRO can deploy portable extractors to quickly removed the water and then dry out the carpet with air movers. No loss of materials or content.

water on office floor, blue extraction hose and a small electric pump

Office with Standing Water Removal

The SERVPRO team responded quickly to this fooling water from a water line break in a large Livermore office. The small electric pump and the long blue hose leading to the truck-mounted pump will soon have the bulk of the water extracted. We can then inspect the furnishings to ensure they are dry to prevent rusting.

Concrete pad and walls, PVC pipes, and a sump pump

Livermore Flood Remediation

The sump failed in this Livermore structure. SERVPRO arrived, used a truck-mounted pump to remove the contaminated water into a holding tank. The Photo shows the sump unclogged and the concrete structure now dry; this took several days.

blue tarp covering a roof.

Storm Damage Mitigation in Livermore

SERVPRO can respond swiftly to lessen the blow of strong winds and driving rains to Livermore area homes. Not only do we treat the interior living spaces, but we can mitigate the damage to the attic and rooms as shown in the Photo. Our goal is to prevent ongoing damage, and then restore that which has already occurred.

sooty, watery pedestal sink and mirror in a bathroom

Water and Fire Damage Restoration in Livermore

The soot and water mixture left a very sticky substance that needed professional handling to remove from this Livermore bathroom. SERVPRO can use special dry sponges to minimize the smearing and the need for repainting the surfaces. Regardless, we can eliminate the need for demolition.

concrete floor, removed drywall from kitchen base area

Water Damage Repair Services in Livermore

SERVPRO removed the water from this kitchen burst pipe scenario. The flood cuts were needed to discard the non-salvageable drywall, save the remaining components, and apply an antifungal agent. The equipment has done its job, time for the build back.

removed 2-foot of paneling on wall, showing the PVC plumbing

Why SERVPRO Use Demolition in Livermore Water Damage Mitigation

Plumbing leaks result in the accumulation of moisture in wall voids. Opening a wall in this Livermore house also allows for the repair of the leaking pipe. The exposed walls and flooring can now be dried to help prevent mold growth.

pooling water on carpet in an office, light reflecting off it

Livermore Burst Pipe Restoration

This Livermore office sustained water damage from a burst pipe, as evidenced by the pooling water on the carpet tiles. SERVPRO can respond quickly, thus eliminating the need to replace the water-logged flooring.

vapor barrier covering a crawlspace, conduits visible

Storm Flooded Crawlspace in Livermore

The flooded crawlspace in this Livermore property has been restored after pumping out the groundwater and drying out the enclosed area. SERVPRO covered the now damp soil with polypropylene 6-mil sheeting as a vapor barrier. This is a partial encapsulation.

debris fallen, charred, the toilet seat in a bathroom

Fire Damage Restoration in Livermore

The devastation from this house fire in Livermore begged for a clean-up and demolition of non-salvageable materials. Removing these charred damages is the first step in achieving a full fire damage restoration by our SERVPRO team.

carpet rolled back from strip showing concrete pad and yellow vac hose

Livermore Water Clean Up

Our team from SERVPRO treated the water that soaked into this carpet, causing some damage, in a Livermore home. We vacuumed some water off, then disconnected the carpet from the tack strip to dry the concrete pad and the foam pad. All done quickly.

removed cabinets, exposed plumbing on way

Water Leak in a Livermore Kitchen

Ignored leaks mean more extensive demolition and build backs, as shown in this Photo. Don't wait for this to happen; call SERVPRO to correct the water damage before it gets out of hand.

overhead poly duct, air scrubber in hallway, no carpet

Commercial Livermore Building Gets Dried

When the ceiling leak spewed volumes of water into the acoustic tiles and the below carpeting, SERVPRO can provide the remedy. The flexible duct ports the residual moisture from the building as the air scrubber rids the air of impurities.

dirty, sewage in a bathroom and countertop

Storm Induced Sewage Cleanup in Livermore

The contaminated sewage requires immediate action by our SERVPRO crew to restore a safe and sanitary environment in this Livermore home. We can remove all the debris and liquid and disinfect the bathroom with EPA-approved products.

burned interior, fireplace seen, mattress spring on floor

Demolition and Cleanout -- Fire Damage in Livermore

This Photo shows the large-scale removal and demolition required for this Livermore residence. With a dumpster ready outside, SERVPRO can begin this fire damage cleanup and restoration service. We always discard debris following local codes.

green hose with yellow tubes into wall at baseline

Livermore Water Damage Drying

Our SERVPRO crew has set up an injecti-dry system into the baseboard area to pump in dry air and extract the residual moisture from the hidden water. Livermore homeowners always benefit from our advanced equipment and training.

black mold stains, plumbing visible, flooring removed.

Livermore Mold Discovery

The water leak revealed damage and a moldy odor in this Livermore house. The carpet has been removed, and the mold on the walls can be scraped off, no need to demolish and replace the wallboard. We can then apply an antifungal product.

flood cuts in walls, equipment, stairway

Stormwater in a Livermore House

The first floor of this Livermore house suffered flooding damage after a storm. The flood cuts removed the non-salvageable lower section of the drywall panels. The heavy-duty equipment is drying the remaining excess moisture. Fast action saved the flooring from damage.

poly barrier, boxed in the cleanup area

Mold Remediation in a Warehouse

This Livermore warehouse had a minor mold infestation. SERVPRO technicians set up a small containment barrier to isolate the spores and mold from the large building's interior. We then can remove the infestation without contaminating other areas or products in the warehouse.

sooty film on wall and ceiling, white cleaned area

Smoke and Soot Cleanup in Livermore

This Photo shows the results of a furnace puff back in Livermore. SERVPRO recommends to our neighbors to have the equipment checked before the cold weather sets in, and you need to call us for cleanup. We can help.

basement floor, air movers and dehu working, some moisture still visible

Livermore Water in a Basement

Our SERVPRO team is often called out to remove water from basements from appliance failure or groundwater. We have plenty of advanced equipment to extract any standing water and then also to remove moisture and dampness.

duct connected to an air scrubber

Mold Remediation Done Right in Livermore

The remediation of mold also means using negative air pressure from air scrubbers and plastic containment barriers to prevent the circulation of spores and particles to unaffected rooms in a Livermore home. This attention to detail is Why SERVPRO is the cleanup company of choice.

drying equipment on  a tiled floor in a lobby area

Livermore Office Space Water Damage Drying

The water, removed from the tiled floor in this Livermore common area, is now being dried with the help of SERVPRO advanced equipment. Shown are an LGR low grain refrigerant dehumidifier and several snail air movers. Rapid drying mitigates the damage and allows for minimal disruptions.

drying air movers, cut out walls showing plumbing lines, concrete floor

Contamination Flood Removal in Livermore

The groundwater is gone along with the flood-damaged drywall and flooring in this Livermore property. Our team has now set up drying equipment as the process for restoration continues. These air movers help to capture water vapor during the drying process.

flood cuts in bathroom showing framing

Livermore Water Damaged Bathroom

The sink supply line soaked the drywall and baseboards in this bathroom with volumes of water over a weekend with no one at home. SERVPRO did a controlled demolition in this Livermore home as part of the project.

smoke and fire damaged grown cabinets over a hood

Livermore Kitchen Fire

We arrived quickly at this fire-damaged kitchen in a Livermore home. Fast cleanup can salvage the cabinets and also limit the circulation of pungent odors. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster! Ready to help, 24/7.