Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

duct leading to attic from device, washing machine closeby

Water Remediation in Livermore

The Photo illustrates Why SERVPRO is the water damage restoration company of choice in Livermore. Our team erected positive, heated air pressure to dry out an attic space to prevent a mold infestation. Skill and advanced equipment do it.

Concrete pad and walls, PVC pipes, and a sump pump

Livermore Flood Remediation

The sump failed in this Livermore structure. SERVPRO arrived, used a truck-mounted pump to remove the contaminated water into a holding tank. The Photo shows the sump unclogged and the concrete structure now dry; this took several days.

removed 2-foot of paneling on wall, showing the PVC plumbing

Why SERVPRO Use Demolition in Livermore Water Damage Mitigation

Plumbing leaks result in the accumulation of moisture in wall voids. Opening a wall in this Livermore house also allows for the repair of the leaking pipe. The exposed walls and flooring can now be dried to help prevent mold growth.

removed cabinets, exposed plumbing on way

Water Leak in a Livermore Kitchen

Ignored leaks mean more extensive demolition and build backs, as shown in this Photo. Don't wait for this to happen; call SERVPRO to correct the water damage before it gets out of hand.

black mold stains, plumbing visible, flooring removed.

Livermore Mold Discovery

The water leak revealed damage and a moldy odor in this Livermore house. The carpet has been removed, and the mold on the walls can be scraped off, no need to demolish and replace the wallboard. We can then apply an antifungal product.

duct connected to an air scrubber

Mold Remediation Done Right in Livermore

The remediation of mold also means using negative air pressure from air scrubbers and plastic containment barriers to prevent the circulation of spores and particles to unaffected rooms in a Livermore home. This attention to detail is Why SERVPRO is the cleanup company of choice.