Water Damage Photo Gallery

wet, water on carpet, trash bag close by

Livermore Water Remediation

The water leak from the bathroom spilled water onto the carpet in the living room off of the kitchen in this Livermore home. SERVPRO can deploy portable extractors to quickly removed the water and then dry out the carpet with air movers. No loss of materials or content.

concrete floor, removed drywall from kitchen base area

Water Damage Repair Services in Livermore

SERVPRO removed the water from this kitchen burst pipe scenario. The flood cuts were needed to discard the non-salvageable drywall, save the remaining components, and apply an antifungal agent. The equipment has done its job, time for the build back.

carpet rolled back from strip showing concrete pad and yellow vac hose

Livermore Water Clean Up

Our team from SERVPRO treated the water that soaked into this carpet, causing some damage, in a Livermore home. We vacuumed some water off, then disconnected the carpet from the tack strip to dry the concrete pad and the foam pad. All done quickly.

green hose with yellow tubes into wall at baseline

Livermore Water Damage Drying

Our SERVPRO crew has set up an injecti-dry system into the baseboard area to pump in dry air and extract the residual moisture from the hidden water. Livermore homeowners always benefit from our advanced equipment and training.

basement floor, air movers and dehu working, some moisture still visible

Livermore Water in a Basement

Our SERVPRO team is often called out to remove water from basements from appliance failure or groundwater. We have plenty of advanced equipment to extract any standing water and then also to remove moisture and dampness.

flood cuts in bathroom showing framing

Livermore Water Damaged Bathroom

The sink supply line soaked the drywall and baseboards in this bathroom with volumes of water over a weekend with no one at home. SERVPRO did a controlled demolition in this Livermore home as part of the project.