Storm Damage Photo Gallery

visible demo, studs and ceiling joist, view of kitchen

Livermore Floodwater Damage

The Photo shows this Livermore home after a controlled demolition from our SERVPRO ASD applied structural drying techs. Non-salvageable ceiling and wallboards have been removed for drying and rehab. Several air movers are completing the removal of excess moisture.

blue tarp covering a roof.

Storm Damage Mitigation in Livermore

SERVPRO can respond swiftly to lessen the blow of strong winds and driving rains to Livermore area homes. Not only do we treat the interior living spaces, but we can mitigate the damage to the attic and rooms as shown in the Photo. Our goal is to prevent ongoing damage, and then restore that which has already occurred.

vapor barrier covering a crawlspace, conduits visible

Storm Flooded Crawlspace in Livermore

The flooded crawlspace in this Livermore property has been restored after pumping out the groundwater and drying out the enclosed area. SERVPRO covered the now damp soil with polypropylene 6-mil sheeting as a vapor barrier. This is a partial encapsulation.

dirty, sewage in a bathroom and countertop

Storm Induced Sewage Cleanup in Livermore

The contaminated sewage requires immediate action by our SERVPRO crew to restore a safe and sanitary environment in this Livermore home. We can remove all the debris and liquid and disinfect the bathroom with EPA-approved products.

flood cuts in walls, equipment, stairway

Stormwater in a Livermore House

The first floor of this Livermore house suffered flooding damage after a storm. The flood cuts removed the non-salvageable lower section of the drywall panels. The heavy-duty equipment is drying the remaining excess moisture. Fast action saved the flooring from damage.

drying air movers, cut out walls showing plumbing lines, concrete floor

Contamination Flood Removal in Livermore

The groundwater is gone along with the flood-damaged drywall and flooring in this Livermore property. Our team has now set up drying equipment as the process for restoration continues. These air movers help to capture water vapor during the drying process.